Saturday, June 28, 2008

If you work on a team, you have a responsibility.

Like a well oiled machine, team members work fluidly together to
accomplish a goal. When working together, a team member
has a specific responsibility and role. A role is clearly defined
and vital to the success of the team.
Perhaps you recognize a specific role below:

The cheerleader - perky is your middle name.
When things get REALLY bad,
you sneak up to people and exclaim, "Yipee!"
You are important because you make management feel good.

The Leader - you sometimes resemble a lion tamer without a whip...
you have my sympathy. You are a task master, a babysitter,
a mother and (when things are really bad) a fall guy.
Management may or may not like you, it depends on if the weather is nice.

I shall close with the above poster, the Devil's Advocate.
It may be an important role but it is the least favored in
the eyes of management or team members.
You ask questions and you make everyone think or
you make everyone do extra work.
Essentially, you make people feel bad. Dude, you got guts!

Artist: Clarita at Morgue File
Poster: DIY poster at