Monday, June 23, 2008

Purple Fable

He bellowed at her, “I want you to go out and get purple. All of our competitors have purple and we must have it too!”

“Purple?” she asked. “I have never heard of purple.”
“That is no matter,” he replied. “You must go out and get it as soon as you can!” His eyes glistened and his hands trembled with excitement. “You must hurry! I have a meeting tomorrow and I want to show everyone that purple is wonderful and that I am wonderful because I thought of it.”

“Well, if he knows about purple and our competitors have purple, it must be easy to find,” she thought and she nodded her head. "I know about purple and I will find it for you," she exclaimed and she dashed down the hall to her cubicle.

“This will be so simple and he will be so happy when I bring him purple,” she said with a smile. She began to type on his keyboard.After hours of searching websites, looking at trade magazines and talking with anyone who would listen, the haggard girl cried, “Why can’t I find purple?!”

She trudged to his office.

“Sir,” she said. “I am sorry to bother you but I cannot find purple. What is it and why is it so important?”
"Silly girl," he muttered. “You said that you knew purple and could find it. When will you learn that is more important to make me feel good about myself? Leave my office," and he pointed towards his door.
She sighed and hung her head low. As she opened the office door to leave the he chided her, "If you were paying attention, you would have known that we need blue."


The Frog Queen said...

Purple looks like a water buffalo, while blue looks like raisin bread - just in case you wanted to know. :)

Yes, in fact, they are very good drugs :)

babblingbanshee said...

Water buffalo?!
No wonder the competitors have such a mess on their hands!

And I hope those are raisins in the bread...