Friday, July 18, 2008

Together we can conquer fear!

I'm here for you Frog Queen! I understand your fear and
you are not alone! The horror!
The absolute horror for he who must not be named!

And yet our greatest fear is fear itself. If we do not face our fear
it will only grow in strength until it swallows us whole.
We cannot let this fear paralyze us, beat us down or defeat us!
We must soldier on and face our fear!

I'm with you Frog Queen and together
we can do this! I give you John Tesh!

That's not so bad, is it? Wow, is that really his hair?
Holy crap! That's impossible! Okay, here he comes again.
John Tesh!

Wow, I think that was a lot easier this time...yeah...
I think so.
Boy, I think I'd better sit down and take a little breather on that.

Whew! This is harder than I thought.
Are those sequins on his jacket? Oh my...whew!

Okay, I'm feeling better, how about you? Feeling better?
Okay here's another. I give you John Tesh!

Ooooooo...I don't think I feel very good...yeah...
my stomach feels like there's something swimming
around down there. Is it me or are the pictures getting a little blurry...
I dunno...
hair...sequins...leather undies (gasp).

It's almost too much...I can't,
I MUST FIGHT! Lives are at stake!
How about you, ready? We can do it!
We can face our fears and conquer this, this...Good Lord,
what is this thing? Okay, it's just like looking at a puppy or
a baby on the street. Just a glance. One quick little glance and it's all done.
Ready? Okay, here we go. John Tesh!

That sure as hell ain't no puppy.
Okay, that is just scary as hell!

Sorry, I can't do this. I just can't do it!
I only pray there are stronger people out there
to soldier on and carry on the fight.
Leave me! Save yourselves!

Cough! Cough! Cough!



The Frog Queen said...

~Gasp~ can't breath, room spinning ...... help me I am (thump).........

babblingbanshee said...


Jason said...

You two silly ladies.