Saturday, February 21, 2009

Big Date Tonight

Tonight we celebrate my Sweetie's birthday. I am taking him to a nice downtown restaurant where we (hopefully) will eat some great food and drink some great wine.

Tonight, I promise NOT to:
1. Take him to see the Billy Joel's Broadway musical Movin' Out.
2. Make him watch the movie Rocky Balboa.
3. Force him to eat carbs including fruit.
4. Force him to watch me eat carbs including that huge tin of Dove chocolate I've been hiding for months.
5. Drive around town with him in my car while I locate that drug testing facility off of Mill Plain Boulevard.
6. Tease him about his GIGANTIC collection of shoes.
7. Call him on the phone before dinner when he is napping.
8. Aim to fill the conversation void while we eat dinner tonight.
9. Drink all of the wine.
10. Be late in heading over to the restaurant.