Monday, April 6, 2009

Back from Hiatus

I am actually back from Hiatus. I was supposed to write this entry last week but it didn’t quite happen…

I must admit, Hiatus is not bad. It’s located somewhere between the State of Denial and the State of Bliss but the weather isn’t all that great.

I experienced and saw a few new things while there – always a treat. For example, I’m not sure what kind of lip gloss Goldie Hawn uses but I am certain it contains horse tranquilizers. This seems the most likely and plausible answer that helps explain her diction.

The lip gloss must also weigh 40 or 50 pounds.

I learned asparagus is a diarrheic and can be used as a powerful weapon against your enemies. I promise to only use it for...something. I will definitely use it for something.

I learned that swallowing your teeth is a difficult task. Try as she might, my cubicle neighbor is literally trying to swallow her teeth…day after day…week after week…it’s like a slurping vacuum cleaner attempting to hoover up every air particle within a fifteen mile radius…but there is some good news here. Her teeth are up to the challenge as she has not been able to successfully swallow them.

Not yet…but there’s always tomorrow…fiddle-dee-dee…

And the greatest news of all, I know what I will wear for Halloween.



The Frog Queen said...

Best to get the hard tasks out of the way! I know the Halloween party is a great burden on many, many people. I would apologize, but it has been out of my hands for some time. :)

So are you going as a toothless hag?....or would that be someone else?


Babbling Banshee said...

Halloween costumes - such a consuming thought process.

I actually wanted to go as an African Bushman but I think my Sweetie is having some difficulty with the idea.

Not sure why. I thought it was a good idea until someone pointed out how cold and wet it is in late October (sigh). Back to the drawing board....