Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween Costume

We had a lot of fun at the Davis Graveyard Halloween party this year - thank you Frog Queen for the invitation!

We always have a great time at the party but this year was particularly fun because myself and my guests were able to coordinate a group costume.

That and I was able to successfully beat InDesign into submission.

I know, I know, two coups for one event, I will never be this lucky again!

I and my guests number six and we all decided that it would be lovely to dress as a team. During the brainstorming session, my Sweetie suggested the idea of a swim team and thus our costume idea was born.

It was such an tantalizing idea! We would become a cohesive unit working together to accomplish one goal. If one of us wasn't working his or her tail off, he or she would be there to support the others; cheering the rest on to, party victory...or in this case, inebriation.

As you know, every team needs a mascot and our team was no exception. And so, mustering all of my clever design skills and my astute drawing capab- a-ha-ha-ha! I crack myself up sometimes! I sat down and scribbled out a mascot and then spent the next two or three days screaming at my computer in the hopes that it would play nice and give me a descent logo that we could use for our costume.

At long last, our mascot and logo was designed and in a suitable file format. We gazed upon our mascot and felt a new sense of camaraderie that we had not felt before. Though we were already friends, we became a machine, working together for the greater good. We were in this together to accomplish our goal. We ordered our sweat clothes and coordinated meeting times with a new sense of vigor.

Were we an Olympic grade team? Who knows, but someone made gold shiny medals for everyone to wear. Her efforts helped exemplify that although we physically did not have gold Olympic medals, our mental state achieved platinum.

We gathered before the party to review our strategies and iron the logos onto our sweat clothes thus providing the feather in our caps before the big night.

Why all this effort over a swim team? Because on that night, we represented one of the most important swim teams know to man.

I should probably introduce you to our mascot. Meet Herm the Sperm!

Oh, did I mention we dressed as the Fallopian Swim Team? The blue logos were for the boys and the pink logos were for the girls.

And a big thank you to Mark for the mascot's name - it really suits him! I love the way it just rolls off my tong- um, it sounds great!

We were even good enough to qualify for sponsorship this year! Look at all the wonderful sponsors we scored!

The list of sponsors might look a little I randomly grabbed some of the logos off the internet and slapped them together but I can assure you that each of these logos were arranged in InDesign with the utmost care.

And many shameful naughty little words.


The Frog Queen said...

That was an awesome costume!! As usual, you guys outdid yourselves!!!