Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Common Sense versus Idiocy

Common Sense says, “Turn off your cell phone before the meeting begins. People might find it rude and disruptive.”

Idiocy asks, “Why bother turning off your cell? You look important when someone interrupts your meeting to let you know that the mechanic is finished with your car."

Common Sense states, “Always have an agenda for your meeting. It helps to organize your thoughts and manage your time (both of which are valuable).”

Idiocy screams, “If you have no agenda, you shouldn't have a meeting, right?! Ha!!! You have to sit in your chair for an hour listening to everyone drone on about his or her weekend. Did Timmy learn to drive? Did little Amber discovered the magic of pop cycle sticks? Fasinating!”

Common Sense claims, “Try to avoid buzz words, especially when you speak with people outside your industry. They might confuse or distract your audience.”

Idiocy demands, “You will look and sound more intelligent if you use buzz words in every conversation! Everyone may look confused but in reality, they are secretly impressed!”

Common Sense whispers “Trust yourself and everyone you work with. A relationship at work is like a marriage. Without trust, it will not survive.”

Idiocy proclaims, “What?! Are you crazy?! You can’t trust these numbskulls! And when you least expect it, one of them will leave you high and dry! Trust no one. Not even yourself.”