Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Antonio Banderas - is soul a convenient spray-on scent?

(I'm not too sure why I removed this in the first place. I'm still learning. Enjoy!)

Antonio Banderas Cologne
The true essence of Antonio!

Breathe deep and gaze into his soul!

(Spanish guitar frantically plays in the background, the stage is set, the curtain rises...)

This is Antonio Banderas as he was, is and always will be.

Smell him like you’ve never smelled him before...
Use him like you never thought possible...
Spray his essence on any man then rip off this man’s shirt.

Close your eyes and breathe deep. (poof!) Antonio is with you.

He is ready to listen to you.
He is ready to smile at you and to laugh with you as you tell
your mildly amusing jokes.
He is ready to hold you, sing to you or weep gentle tears as
he learns of the trials and tribulations of your day.

But open your eyes and (poof!) the magic is gone...

Console your weeping heart for Antonio is never far.
Know that he does not like to travel alone,
dance alone or repair the missing shingles on his roof alone.

He is always with you until you’ve used him up…
then you’re kinda screwed...

Think nothing of tomorrow, think only of today!
And think of all the possibilities that are today!

(dedicated to the Frog Queen)


The Frog Queen said...

AAAAAAAAh, I needed that today. I an off to watch Desperado, with the sound turned off of course. But I love long haired blonde guys that play the guitar too - honey!!

babblingbanshee said...

Honey? Did you say they are covered in honey?
I like that. I like that very much long haired blonde guys or not!