Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Sound of Silence

I am known to stick my foot in my mouth. On occasion, I also kill many things including: good conversations, patience of friends and family, time and multiple trains of thoughts. I’m not proud of this fact. Please know that this is not my goal…its just that…well, it just…happens.

Here’s an example:

A couple of years ago, I was talking with the Frog Queen when the CEO wandered into our department. He had a few questions for the Frog Queen about some “CEO thing” after which he started to talk to us about his plans for summer.

The CEO exclaimed, “I’m going to New Orleans to hear some jazz – this is going to be great! What are you doing this summer Frog Queen?”

Frog Queen answered, “New Orleans, how fun! Me and my husband going to Ashland to see some plays! We are so excited!”

The CEO replied, “Ashland sounds fun too!” Then he turned to me and asked, “How about you Babbling Banshee, what will you be doing this summer?”

After a long pause I answered, “I get to have…brain surgery.”

I killed that conversation in two seconds flat.


YamFu said...

It's not your fault you have that gift. I say you use it as if you are evil. Killing conversations everywhere!

Hello world! I'm Babbling Banshee and I eat tap or something thereof. Hey it's not my super evil, evil thingy. Mine is shouting absurd phrases at the precise moment when the world no longer needs them.

Also, I am good at being lovingly referred to as a 'Jackass'.

Babbling Banshee said...

That's it, it's a gift! A gift that is mine to share with the world (I'm not annoying, I'm talented)! And I think my boyfriend needs to take a close look at your comment for there is much wisdom.

I don't see a stubborn or thick-headed idea here but I do see a smart and persistent...um...tactic for future conversations.

Thank you Yamfu!