Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New Tools of the Trade

Sorry to be talking politics again but it seems that the pollster will be working for a couple more days. After conducting my interview with V, I realized that there might be pollsters out there who need a better tool to successfully perform an exit interview.

I was fortunate not to need such a device. It was like V understood that it was her responsibility to bring what she needed our interview. But I must admit that some pollsters may not be so fortunate.

I racked my brain to design a microphone that would be functional as well as comfortable. I like the freedom that accompanies battery operated devices but I wanted to make sure that this microphone was not bulky, heavy or awkward. Below is my design for the pollsters.

I think this will work.

I have a feeling that both the pollsters and the vagina voters will appreciate its sleek design, comfort and high absorbency. Even the cord enhances the microphone’s performance by protecting against unexpected leaks. Also note how smooth and wide the top part of the microphone is. It’s almost “pearl” like.