Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Letter to My Love

Dearest Sweetheart,

I blew another bulb today which means two or three light bulbs died in your absence. These bulbs join their dead brethren whose bodies lay strewn about your house…well…not really strewn because they are still in the light sockets. All of their deaths cast a dark (what else can I say) shadow upon a house that was once filled with merriment, mirth and light.

Let’s see, you left last Saturday, right? At this rate, your entire house should be dark by…Friday?

If you ask me, I think they are waging some kind of war. The same bulbs are always the first to die - just like the pawns in a game of chess. I determined which bulbs belong to which warring factions but I don’t know why these two kingdoms are at war. It’s crazy! They have everything they need or want and they are foolishly throwing it all away. For what?! To prove a point?!

The war escalated this week and your home is now a killing field.

Now when I enter a room and turn on a light, I hear a little gunshot. I can’t take the tiny screams anymore. I now recognize that instead of changing a burned out light bulb, I was actually sending in a fresh recruit to continue this war. I will not be a part of the violence anymore!

The next logical step would be to call in an experienced team to initiate negotiations. I hope we can find a common ground and develop a peaceful resolution before you return this coming Saturday.

Yours truly,


Jeff said...

No comments on this one? I thought it was fantastic! Love the image of bulbs in a house are part of a large war against something and putting new ones in is just adding new recruits.

Not a regular reader. More of an occasional catch up reader.