Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Things are Getting Tense

With the US economy going down the tank, pressure is mounting and things are getting tense.

I just need to “get my bearings.” Let’s see, the automakers are begging for a financial handout and many companies are facing hard times and a less lucrative holiday season. Earlier this year we saw many things turn brilliant hues and fall to the ground including leaves, WAMU, Bear Sterns, Freddie, Fannie and AIG. Gas prices were not confined by the laws of gravity and enjoyed staggering heights. Inflation and unemployment decided to come out and play with everyone because they were bored and didn’t have anything better to do.

This is big (and I’m not even looking at everything because it’s too big).

All of these things come together to form this massive load of colossal proportion!

I would venture to say that all of this stuff is causing a lot of tension and anxiety in the workplace. Heaven knows what kind of strain this is causing the average worker but what about the non-average worker (a “man plus”)? I’m not talking about the CEO; I’m talking about a person who actually works like the CFO or something. Can you imagine what kind of strain the CFO is under, working with the company financials while considering all of these economic factors? All of that weight is sitting on his shoulders. It’s just sitting there getting heavier and heavier.

What would happen to such a person?

Gas happens.

Apparently a lot of gas happens.

Today that gas was a bit "burpy." was more like a belch – a nice fat juicy belch.

As I said, the economy is causing a lot of stress in the workplace. This stress is more than one person can bear.

What should you do?

Long term: Avoid an economic recession.

Short term: Avoid being downwind.

11/20 - I should add that this post is dedicated to a "roadside bomb victim" at work. She began the recovery process today. I hear that she is out of critical condition and is recovering nicely.