Monday, May 11, 2009

Bracing for Bad News

Over the years, I’ve received my share of bad news including news of illness, injury, death and loss. Over time, I’ve discovered that I only have one way to brace for bad news.

And it works for me.

It isn’t perfect but it seems to work well enough for me to use it in a variety of situations with a variety of people. I share with you in case you too need to brace yourself for bad news. Of course there are two aspects when bracing for bad news including the physical and the mental. I shall breakdown each part below into greater detail.

The Physical:
Usually I am sitting down and am not holding a pen, notebook or cup of coffee. I usually don’t throw things but I do not want to tempt fate especially if I am really angry.

The Mental:
This is where things get a little strange…I have a little chant I say in my head. It’s a simple chant. One that is easy to remember and say quickly in my mind. It’s lyrical but very powerful. It’s also really short and sweet. It does not beat around the bush for an hour while trying to get to the point. And it literally rolls off the mental tongue and bounces around the cranial cavern.

Oh, the chant, yes of course, nearly forgot: “Bring it B*tch.”

As I said, I’ve used this method a number of times and it seems work well for me. It isn’t perfect but it gets the job done. And it really does roll off the mental tongue…sometimes right out of the mind and down to the mouth as I sit at my computer and try to figure out the state’s unemployment website.