Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What’s Going On?

Hey B, how are you doing?

I’m okay.

What’s going on in your world?

Well, right now I am still doing the job hunt thing, I went to the doctor’s office to take care of some things and I seem to be attending a lot of free community workshops.

Hmmm, not bad, how did the doctor visits go?

Overall I am healthy but there are a few health "tics" I have to work on.

"Tics?" What "tics?" Are these blood sucking "tics?" (smile)

No and you're being silly again. It seems that a little capillary broke in my eye and it leaked a little fluid. There's like this spot on my eye where I can't see. The funny part was the nurse asked what line of work I was in.

How is that funny?

I guess high stress jobs see this more often such as air traffic controllers, cops, firemen, etc. I wasn’t an air traffic controller – that’s the funny part. My job, theoretically was the least stressful of the department.

B, you have an odd sense of humor. Did the doctor’s find anything else wrong with you?

I have psoriasis.

You lush.

I said PSORIASIS not CIRRHOSIS you twit!

Oh psoriasis, of course! (wink – wink) that sounds bad. How did you get this and where is it? Wait, do I want to know…?

Why are you winking? You don’t wink at psoriasis, you nit-wit. It’s just an autoimmune thing. You can’t catch this from me so quit backing up. It’s just a small patch of flaky skin on my head where I had brain surgery and I’m quite lucky that it’s such a small patch. I have some stuff to treat it.

That’s good, I’m glad to hear you are healthy and doing well. But come on, any lingering resentment towards your old employer?

Naw, not really.

What about the photo?

Photo? What photo?

You know, the photo on your wall that you’ve been throwing darts at.

Oh, THAT photo! That’s just a picture of the unspeakable one. I've had that photo on my wall for YEARS and I must admit that after five years, my aim has drastically improved.