Thursday, May 14, 2009

Doing Stuff with Things Again

My Sweetie last night was very busy working on his computer.

He was very excited too - to my understanding, the training he received in Las Vegas came in very handy. I will do my best to describe the work he was doing on his computer. He created a web page containing four graphs and each graphs can be fed with live information. These graphs will help his co-workers more easily monitor various company outputs.

It's a vague description but true.

He also mentioned this programming combined Microsoft Expressions and Silverlight. that a new car color coming out later this year? I wouldn't mind a new Corolla in silverlight. Despite the toxicity, I love that new car smell.

My Sweetie. Doing stuff with things again. :)


The Frog Queen said... that magic or something.....I LIKE magic :)

Babbling Banshee said...

OOoooo I bet it is!

I likes magic too!