Monday, August 31, 2009

The Mylar Balloon

I should say that I did select a Mylar Balloon for my Sweetie; unfortunately things have been so busy that I have not had the opportunity to write about.

I knew the task would be difficult, fraught with morbidly deformed, gas-filled, over-priced blobs that are impossible to transport without puncturing. In my previous blog posting, I only mentioned a few of the morbidly deformed figures including Dora the Explorer and a Labrador puppy… Dora proved to be a rather swollen character that might be experiencing an allergic reaction to the helium inside her. I’m not sure if she was suffering from hives or retaining water but she barely resembled her online photo.

She could have posted an honest photo of herself but instead I had to show up in the store to discover her puffy and lethargic nature instead of a lean mean exploring machine.

As I suspected, the puppy balloon was too adorable for me to purchase. I truly believe that my Sweetie would have become mesmerized by it. He is already transfixed by football and with the new season around the corner, the strain, I fear, would be too much for him to bear…or too much for me to bear…and I might go crazy…more than I already am…

I pushed onto the other balloons.

The Disney Princess Castle? As far as I know my Sweetie is not taking estrogen to become a female so he might not like this one. It is a very nice shade of pink though.

Hello Kitty? She seems to be suffering from the same affliction that Dora is suffering. Perhaps some of these balloons caught a virus and are being quarantined in the store.

Sponge Bob Square Pants? Dear Lord, that is terrifying…I…I…will I turn to stone if I look directly into its eyes?!

Hmmm…American flag, communion and Tiki Idol balloons do not capture the spirit of the moment…what about the congratulatory balloons?

Ah, here we go. And this one is such a lovely color blue, I wonder what it says? “Congratulations! It’s a Boy!”


So, after much consideration, I chose a simple balloon to express all my thoughts and feelings (okay, almost all of them – I had to write on the balloon “with all my heart, soul and gas” below the “I love you” part).

This balloon was HUGE and needed a weight, but what? And then I spotted Darth Vader across the room. He was no ordinary Darth but one that could be filled with lots of lovely chocolates and wonderful drinks. Yes! A Darth pinata! My Sweetie loves yummy chocolate, tasty drinks AND Darth Vader! How can I not buy Darth? So off I went with my newly purchased treasures, hoping that everything would please my Sweetie.

The balloon was a hit. It was the right balloon for the right occasion and Darth Vader’s head proved very popular that evening (and full of yummy chocolates).

And he said “yes.”


The Frog Queen said...

.....yes to what, exactly? :)

Babbling Banshee said...

I'm pretty sure it was Darth...there's something about Darth that is the "bees knees." I don't blame George Lucas as I think this is more of a James Earl Jones thing. :)