Friday, August 14, 2009

Symbol of Love

I believe an engagement ring traditionally symbolizes a betrothal gift and that it is given to a prospective spouse. I also believe that this gift represents a formal agreement of future marriage.

But times, they are a changing and Conventional Wisdom asks, “What can be used to symbolize a formal agreement of future marriage?” Thank heavens my Sweetie was there to answer this question because I didn’t have a clue!

And what can be used to symbolize love and future marriage? The answer was so obvious that I failed to recognize it. My Sweetie was there to help me in my time of need. Why yes! A Mylar balloon, of course! In fact, the first thing he said to me when he arrived home last night was “Where’s my Mylar balloon?”

A Mylar balloon? It was such an obvious symbol of love but, I overlooked it. At this point, I fear his betrothal is incomplete; absent of symbolism and gas. This needs to be resolved quickly by buying the most appropriate balloon, but which one? A quick online search revealed the degree of difficulty that lie ahead. Here is a small sample of balloons that I must to choose from:

Marriage can certainly mean the start of a new chapter in life as well as an opportunity for one to experience “adventures new” but I don’t think Dora the Explorer would be a readily accepted symbol of this new adventure since my Sweetie is well above the age of ten. I must admit that I do appreciate her enthusiastic smile and open arms.

My Sweetie would definitely enjoy this balloon but I believe he would become severely distracted by its high degree of “cuteness.” This is a considerable obstacle indeed because he might fall into a deep and everlasting trance. He might hold the balloon or take it on a motorcycle ride. I can play second banana to a dog but not a balloon. I fear I would become extremely jealous and develop an unhealthy obsession to suck out all of its helium.

My Sweetie definitely enjoys Star Wars but I’m not sure Darth Vader accurately represents my undying love. At 37 inches, this balloon has a formidable presence as well as the ability to inspire one to tell Luke that you - are - his - father. While the evil character is fun, I do not want my Sweetie to draw comparisons between me and Darth. I also do not want to be poked by a lightsaber or cause a Jar Jar Binks infestation.

This is a difficult task but one that I must tackle head-on if I wish to proceed with this union. I can only hope a muse will inspire my selection…or the clerk at Party City.


Jeff said...

He He said "poke you with a light saber"!

The Frog Queen said...

Excuse my husband...he is a child :D

That was pretty funny though :D