Wednesday, August 12, 2009

If the Ring Fits

A couple of weeks ago, I’m pretty sure I asked my Sweetie to marry me. I’m pretty sure. I’m almost positive that I’m pretty sure but I am slightly confused as to what happened – the fact that I was present for this “proposal” should mean that I have a good idea regarding the events surrounding this situation. But, as usual, it was a bit unusual. I would not describe this as a “tradition proposal” but rather an odd circumstance with a vague but hopeful outcome.

Background information: I did not plan anything elaborate. I did not take him to a romantic dinner nor did I order expensive wine (which is a bit of a shame because I do like wine. I especially like nice wine which is often more expensive.). I did not whisper sweet nothings into his ear accompanied by chocolate truffles covered with gold leaf. I didn’t even give him a Mylar balloon* to express my undying (and non-biodegradable) love.

*Special note on Mylar balloons: As you may know, you can express a wide variety of emotions or commemorate any occasion with a Mylar balloon. You can express joy or despair and you can also commemorate a baby’s birth or the death of a loved one. Mylar balloons are incredibly versatile. What better way to express your inner thoughts of love than through a shiny plastic pillow-shaped heart filled with gas?

The Event: I asked him to try on a $30 ring I ordered from to see if it would fit. He put the ring on his wedding ring finger and said, “Yeah, this one fits.”

The Outcome: I’m pretty sure I asked my Sweetie to marry me and, God help him, I’m pretty sure he said “yes.”


The Frog Queen said...


What just happened?!?!?

Cheers....I think....really, what happened?

Babbling Banshee said...

I will let you know what happened just as soon as I figure this out. :)