Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Infestation

I discovered the infestation by accident over the weekend. It was much larger than I had anticipated and I shuddered as I gazed upon their tiny forms packed side by side in that musty dresser drawer.

It was the perfect home. Hidden from sight and sunlight in a cool, dingy corner of the room, the filthy dresser sat forgotten. The colony must have started with just one or two rotund bodies and over time, became a thriving colony that formed the bulging pile I looked upon.
The air had a peculiar smell and I gagged as I held my breath from the nauseating yet sweet fragrance.

It could have been Tide or Wisk detergent.

For weeks, I found the little sock bodies throughout the house: nestled in the cushions the sofa, lodged underneath the coffee table and scattered on the kitchen stove. I knew the colony was quite huge when I started finding the bodies on top of the piano and inside the garage.

I can only pray that there is an exterminator out there who will bring a swift end to this thriving population.


The Frog Queen said... that you mention it....I better check my house:D

You crack me up!


Babbling Banshee said...

Boy those suckers are pervasive!

Use extreme caution!

Jeff said...

Whats a sock buddy?

Babbling Banshee said...

What? A sock buddy?

Is it a sock monkey made for a sock monkey?

Is it a euphemism for a sock exterminator?

Not sure.

Babbling Banshee said...

Actually I just noticed I wrote the words, "sock bodies," is this what you referring to?

Sock bodies are a pair of socks folded together. They form this round fuzzy lump that looks like a giant bug or something. They're loads of fun to throw at someone and they don't have the ick factor of worms or spiders (if they're clean).

Jeff said...

ah, folded socks. Nothings funner than a drawer full of clean folded socks. It's like ammo just waiting to be used.

But eventually the ammo all gets used up and ends up smelly and in the hamper.

Then its back to making ammo in near the dryer again. Its a vicious cycle!