Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Party Time

I recently attended a great party at OMSI in Portland Oregon. OMSI, which stands for Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, is a museum that houses science and technology exhibits that range from space exploration to dinosaurs. Many of their exhibits are interactive so you can really dive into the subject matter and learn what they are all about.

Of course for me, when it comes to the stuff I look at, I have a tendency to see what isn’t there…or sometimes I see what IS there…and I obsess about it (a little). I’m working on this bad habit but in the mean time I need to share the beautifully odd experience that I had at this party inside of this wonderful museum.

Now I need to admit that I've never attended a party at a museum before. I had a great time! All of the guests had the pleasure of listening to great food and good music. We also had the pleasure of touring two exhibit halls and checking out the displays in each hall. But, as I said, this was my first party at a museum and I couldn’t help but notice a few things in our main party room, the Planet Earth exhibit hall. This hall, which focused on many aspects of planet earth, included an exhibit on earth’s climate as well as many exhibits on prehistoric animals. Our tables were scattered around this hall and placed near the exhibits. While it was a tad odd to be dining next to such displays, I can see why the staff placed us in this area for a party. For one thing, there was tons of room for the buffet line at the base of a tyrannosaurus rex. The close proximity of tyrannosaurus rex made me feel really good about myself as I grazed on the lovely nibblies. There was something exhilarating about eating sliced cheese and ravioli thingies within striking distance of a large skeletal beast. Though famish, he was quite immobile.

The staff people were also very clever to place us in that event hall where each exhibit lent its unique charm and conversation to the party. While the saber tooth cat told us that it was “time to party” the mammoth teeth reminded the us party goers to “be mindful and chew our food.”

The pregnancy gestation exhibit was within a short walking distance of the…um…adult beverage table. Which was just around the um…well you know…and it was very…um well…it was a very pregnant exhibit.

But this was only the beginning of a wonderful evening. So many more exhibits to explore in the Life Hall next to the Planet Earth Hall. More to come.