Tuesday, October 19, 2010

And She's Back

Wow, it was July...and now it's October...

Where is my time going?

Killing zombies again? Me? No, I haven't killed zombies in a week...well, maybe a little on Friday but only Friday...oh, and for a short time on Saturday. I only killed a few zombies on Saturday.

Mind you, I did go to that wedding ceremony awhile back. I have to admit that my schedule was a tad crazy in September for that thing. And my poor Sweetie actually married me...I don't know WHAT he was thinking (I know I wouldn't have married me if I were him). Oh well, live and learn I guess.

Anyway, my Sweetie and I are now hitched. I know that I am hitched because I have tons of tiny little bars of soap in my cupboard as evidence.


Little soaps.

And thank you Mr. Golden Nugget for all of them. A girl can't help but know that she's truly married until she gazes into her cupboard and sees THAT many miniature soaps staring back at her. Of course this means that I will need to buy soap next month but for now, my supply is good.

Tons of soap isn't the only evidence of my marriage. For example, I have new home address I can never remember and I have a strange man who wanders around the house clad only in sweaty-pants. I also received my copy of the super secret guide book that is standard issue for all married couples in the world. Of course, I am referring to the Everything You Need to Know About Him, the Dog, You, Cooking with Small and Disgruntled Appliances, How to Organize the Perfect House, Gardening for Idiots and Light Household Repairs that Make Sense and Actually Work.

I hope to receive my copy of Nefarious Smells and Their Meaning soon. It should be an invigorating read.

Oh! And I have a ring. I did receive a wedding band from the ceremony (though for a short time in Las Vegas, I wasn't sure if I was going to receive my wedding band because my Sweetie began to request things including a sparkly tiara and a full bouquet of flowers). I was able to wrestle my nosegay out of his hands briefly to walk down the aisle with my father but it disappeared soon after. I swear I heard someone singing "I Feel Pretty" from the West Side Story. It's a great song but it isn't meant for a tenor voice. I'm not saying that the singing sounded bad, I'm just saying that the voice sounded strained for the "See the pretty girl in that mirror there..." section of the song.

So anyway, I'm back...I think...at least I'm pretty sure I'm somewhere and I hope all of you had a wonderful summer.


The Frog Queen said...

Wish I could have been there! Congrats to both of you!!