Sunday, December 28, 2008

How do Conversations do That?

As you may know, I talk a lot. It doesn’t seem to matter what I converse about but that I keep the conversation going…forever.

I would not describe this “continuo of conversation” as a personal goal but rather a celebration of ideas and interests as well as a sense of discovery.

I have to admit however that these conversations are long and sometimes slightly out of control. The length of the conversation never surprises me but the topics I end up talking about are a bit…unusual.

I’m talking about green snot unusual.

While there is no need to consult a doctor for these benign topics, I sometimes have to ask, “how did the conversation turn into this?” A fifteen minute chit-chat might turn into an hour long in-depth discussion that starts with a simple list of weekend activities before seguing to origami and deviled eggs recipes and then landing on Amway and John Tesh.

Does this mean we will talk about Yanni next?

Is Yanni still around?

I don’t want to hamper or control these lively conversational journeys but I would love to know how questions on departmental supplies turned into discussion about practical jokes or packing peanuts.

I may never find the answer to this conversational conundrum but I may also have a larger issue to face. I suppose the greatest issue that I face is that I should get back to work.