Thursday, December 4, 2008

My Favorite!

It’s time to pull out an inspirational saying and give the troops a pep talk!

Really?! Oh this is my favorite thing in the whole-wide-world! What’s the quote?!

You seem rather excited all of a sudden.

Who me?! Yes! Yes I am! Give me the quote! I love quotes! I can’t get enough of these quotes! Tell-me-tell-me-tell-me-now! ...........Please?!

I only have the one quote kiddo, is that going to be enough?

Is that all? That’s okay; just tell me what it is! Oh! This is so exciting; tell me right now!

You don’t look well; maybe we can do this some other time. It can wait.

WHAT?! No, wait, you’re kidding right?! You can’t be serious; you have to tell me the inspirational saying right now! I want it! I must have it!

Look, it’s just one little saying with only a few words. Let’s do this some other time like next week when I have a better quote. As the economy goes down the tubes, we all need inspirational quotes to keep spirits high and to keep those numbers up!

Inspirational sayings while inspiring do not always cut the mustard when you need them to. They are more of a delectable icing on an iresistable cake waiting for people to take a bite and savor the flavor. Now give me that icing!!!

What if the quote comes at the end of an email?


What if the email contains sales results?

Icing. Just give me the quote.

Okay, here we go. "Snowflakes - As they float to the earth, each unique tiny flake has no idea the impact it will make. Just like the snowflakes, we are no two alike, and our results are the best when we unite. Together we can make a difference!" flakes we should...fall? Form a glacier that melts under its own weight? What if I don't want to be a flake?

Too late.


Antipaladin said...

No, love- enough snowflakes form an avalanche hazard. Explosives are easy, I've already got air cannon-principles mastered... let me know when you need those massed flakes... motivated.

Babbling Banshee said...

Hmmm...unpredictable, cold and deadly, yep, that definitely is an avalanche hazard.

The Frog Queen and I will need you to be at our workplace at 8:00 am sharp!