Thursday, January 21, 2010

Oh Johnny Boy!

Oh Johnny. I can't tell you how your message really struck home. The truth is sometimes too much to bear and too much to process.

And you, let me tell you that I just have to say that I...

Oh, excuse me, you're not Johnny, you're you. Hi you! And you might be wondering what I am talking about so let me back up a bit and explain. Back in December, I was accidentally listening to an easy listening rock station. Suddenly a smooth and Amway-style voice sauntered effortlessly through the air and told me to "remain calm, everything is okay."

But whose voice beckoned me from the great beyond and why was it telling me to remain calm. "Who are you voice? Is that you Rush? Martha? Wait a minute, that voice belongs to John Tesh (such a dapper fellow)." I thought.

"Yes John, what's that you speak of? Really?! Uh, what about my mucus? It could be green this time of year? Well it is Christmas and a lot of people like to...what did you say? Green mucus is nothing to worry about? Uh...great! That's just great news I will..."

And just as suddenly as his voice appeared in the air waves, it was gone.

Thank you John. You had the foresight to tell us to remain calm and accept our mucus color deferential. BTW, I shared your information immediately with all of my co-workers that day but I'm not sure they believed me. My voice is of inferior quality. The high pitch shriek probably prevented them from welcoming your message into their hearts and minds. I have a feeling that they would listen to you and heed your message of mucus equality. I think next Tuesday or Wednesday would be good for us to meet with you, if you would like to stop by we can get this all straightened out.

Where have all the mullets gone...


The Frog Queen said...

(Okay, after the screaming stopped.......the frog queen just passed out....I am sure she will have something to say when she wakes up :D)


Babbling Banshee said...

Shhhhhh! Shhhhhh, just let the mullet work it's magic. There-there. Who's a happy Frog Queen?