Monday, March 29, 2010


I’m not sure if I experienced ambivalence from this story but I can say that I was laughing pretty hard while feeling a sick sensation down in the pit of my stomach.

The source of these two feelings…um, one feeling and one sensation, came from a story my Sweetie told me. Several years ago, my Sweetie overheard a mother talking to her children in a park. Obviously my Sweetie overhead a tender moment shared between a mother and her children. In this story, the mother is the children’s pillar, the dispenser of wisdom and the giver of nutrition. The children are the innocents, the fresh pallets, nay, the empty vessels wherein the mother must fill with wisdom and nutrition. The mother is a cautious entity who oversees the all aspects of the children’s lives and welfare…we hope…we’re pretty sure…

We now ascend to the apex of the tender moment wherein the mother shares her wisdom and her nutrition with her children and thereby reaffirms “the pillar.” We, as the children, listen intently to her words,

“You kids have been eating junk all day. Come over and eat your Chicken McNuggets.”

I was not expecting that one. It just blindsided me!

Oh, if you need a vintage 1990's McDonald's Happy Meal Toy:

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Babbling Banshee said...

Well, that story had a reasonably strong beginning and middle but I think I failed on the ending. I should mention that I'm still not sure if I experience ambivalence or simply a state of indigestion.

I think the main source of my feelings...or tummy issues comes not from the mother telling her children to eat the McNuggets but rather that the McNuggets were the most nutritional items for the children that day.

At this point in my ramblings, I should also mention that I am not doubting the nutritional value of the nugget. They wouldn't call something a nugget if it didn't have any sort of substantiated value, would they? I should also, also mention that the McDonald's Corporation is a wonderful company that employs many wonderful and good humored lawyers. I love the McDonalds Corporation!

Mmmm, I'm loving it, see?