Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I was going to talk about my birthday in this blog entry but something of great importance came up.

I will be marrying my Sweetie in September and I am slowly preparing for my wedding day. One of the big items on my “to do” list, aside from shopping for white Tevas to match my wedding dress, is compiling information for the prenup. To prepare for this document, I am taking stock on all of my assets – and if college papers, grocery receipts and blue jeans are assets then I am indeed swimming in “A-town.”

I do see the importance and advantage of having a prenup. It is a necessary agreement that would serve to protect all of my assets should something go wrong in the marriage. While I do not anticipate anything bad from happening, if it does, my yellow and faded Safeway receipts from 2002 will remain safely in my care.

So as usual a lot is swirling around in my brain regarding my big day and all the wondrous things that happens to a girl when she moves into a house that has a sock infestation. And then there was tonight’s conversation with my Sweetie.

It started out innocently enough with me asking what he would add to the prenup and then it quickly spiraled out of control. Unfortunately, I misunderstood a comment and quickly blurted out that he and his dog do not get to keep my parents should we go our separate ways…and this was my fatal mistake… He…he really liked the idea…sigh…

Look…they’re not bad parents; a little worn in some places but they run pretty smooth and they have low maintenance costs. But they’re my parents! I can’t lose my parents in a divorce…is that even possible?!

Obviously I can’t take any chances and I will have to add them to my list of assets. I should have plenty of room to add them to my list of assets…just below the soap collection and Scrunchies.

I'm pretty sure I have one of these sets hiding in my dresser:

Awe yes, who doesn't have a Scrunchie? Sweetie? Do you have one?

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The Frog Queen said...

Man, if I knew my scrunchies were worth something....I would have kept them! :D