Monday, May 3, 2010

Correction III

You know I really thought I got this right one but to no avail…(sigh)…I mean, for Pete’s sake, I was a music major, I really thought I aced this one. Now I don’t know what to think so I’m going to lay out all of the options.

On May 2nd, I described how my Sweetie, after we paint the town red, changes into a pair of sweat pants and then shuffles about in his house while singing his favor sweat pants theme song. Like a wire brush applied to the snare drum in a jazz trio, his baggy pants gently swish about his legs as he sings his vibrantly little tune.

My Sweetie was quite upset with my writing. It turns out that the lyrics I used to represent his favorite little song were utterly and incomprehensibly wrong.

How could I be so careless? How could I do such a thing? I’ve described my Sweetie at the height of bliss scurrying about his living room in a pair of black baggy pants with stripes down the side and I recklessly threw the wrong words in his mouth.

I used “Swea-ty paaants, swea-ty paaants.” He claims that it should be “Sweat-ty paaants. Sweat-ty paaants.”

I’m not sure what I should use so here are a few more options:

“SweaTy paaants, sweaty paaants.”

"Sweat-tee paaants, sweat-tee paaants.”

“Sweat-Tee paaants, sweat-Tee paaants.”

And there is also, “Swe-Tee paaants, swe-Tee pants.”

One reason I am slightly confused by the pronunciation is that it changes depending on the number of drinks we have consumed during the evenings activities. My ears must be getting a bit sloshed.

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Anonymous said...

The trick, I feel, is to consume a metric sh*tload of alcohol of a cocktail-ish nature then you won't care which you use. The more girlie and sweet the drink, the more lethal it is and the less you will care. One day I might make a graph to demonstrate this...

Babbling Banshee said...

Hmmm...a metric sh*tload? I like the sound of that!

I do have some difficulties with the metric system but I have a feeling that if I invite some of my friends over we could figure out the precise measurement of the metric sh*tload.

Awe yes, the lethal girlie drinks, very deadly indeed!