Sunday, May 2, 2010

How does he do that?

I realized last week that I’ve dated my Sweetie for five consecutive years.

Needless to say, I am rather impressed with the relationship. We’ve learned a lot about each other and we seem to get along well.

Of course being together for five years doesn’t mean that we understand each other perfectly. For example, he seems quite puzzled as to why I always wear sandals. To me, sandals are very comfortable like a pair of slippers. They are easy to slip on and off and help keep my feet aired out (which really helps keep the musty smell to a minimum).

I am equally puzzled by how he is able to move so incredibly fast (it’s like time is standing still or something). The magic starts the moment we enter the house. We step into the house, turn on the lights and greet the dog. At this point, I discover I am parched and head to the kitchen for a drink of water. In the time it takes me to grab the glass, fill it with water and begin to drink, my Sweetie has cast aside his pants, slid into a pair of sweat pants, tinkled and is now shuffling about the house either playing with the dog or deciding which DVD he would like to watch.

Bear in mind, we just got home from the movie theater.

I also haven’t finished drinking my glass of water.

On occasion, he shuffles about the house while chirping a little song. “Swea-tee paaants, swea-tee paaants…”

How does he do it? Is this a guy thing? Is time really standing still or is the water pressure in his house just incredibly low?

And finally, do people watch DVDs after coming home from the movie theater?

Yes, I find all of this very puzzling but ultimately I am more intrigued by how he accomplishes all these things in such a little amount of time.

At least I was able to figure out why he leaves his socks on when he comes home. At first, I thought leaving his socks on when he changed his clothes helped save him time but I now realize that he just likes to fling his socks across the room while he is watching the DVD.

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