Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I recently made a dreadful mistake that I need to rectify with my reading audience.

Well, I say dreadful mistake, but really…

The dreadful mistake I am referring is a blog entry I posted on May 14th. Of course, this blog serves no purpose other than to expunge personal annoyances, legitimize my large and expensive art supply collection and blab about things (that I find amusing) to anyone with half an eye who wanders onto this site. This blog is not a personal journal. I do not present hip new fashion trends in this blog nor do I offer any solid commentary on political activity…unless you count the Vagina Voters entry posted in 2008. In other words, most of my blog entries are filled with mistakes or are a bit…um…skewed. Well, not so much skewed as they are...uh…embellished? I have a habit of mixing things up and putting a nice literary spin on my entries. At least that is my personal belief…or imagining…

I judge my entries more by the color of their language and not by the content of their character.

And when I was referring to my reading audience, what I really meant to say was…

I have about four or five friends that actually read this blog…after I pester them…so even though I made this mistake I feel that there was little personal or professional damage done.

The personal and professional damage I am referring to is my Sweetie’s. He has bonafide credentials that might make a technically savvy person cry. I’m not a technically savvy person nor do I have many personal or professional credentials. Nevertheless, I need to correct my May 14th entry so that he does not suffer (too much) at the hands of my creative liberties.

On May 14th, I stated that my Sweetie was “doing stuff with things again.” I should have said that my Sweetie was doing things with stuff again. I apologize for any confusion I may have caused.


The Frog Queen said...

Huh? I know "Sweetie" and he reads your blog??!??!?

He can read?!??!

Learn something new every day!



Babbling Banshee said... Sweetie can read my blog...but...he doesn't really read it very often...

So really I can about anything...of course the details might not be correct....


I is missing you too!