Sunday, April 25, 2010

Drawing Class

A typical art professor? Perhaps.

He stood beneath a tuft of gray wavy hear. It seemed to nod in agreement as he spoke of artists, techniques and history. His tan corduroy pants seemed to gather at his feet to keep his ankles warm. His gray tweed jacket was cast aside quickly at the beginning of class so that he could use his hands to demonstrate points in his lecture.

His voice, though quiet, was steady as he shared an explosion of ideas with his new audience.

“There was a period called the Renaissance…”

“Many of Da Vinci’s ideas were drawn…”

“I work with glass…”

And his hair continued to nod silently in agreement.

Is he a typical art professor? I dunno but I’m hoping that I will learn a few things so that my stick figure drawings look a bit better. The next few weeks should be interesting – especially with the hair.

Also, as you can probably tell, I’m also reviewing notes from the creative writing class I took last fall. Hmmm…I should probably re-enroll in the creative writing class…:)
Hopefully I will be able to find these guys before the end of class.
I should probably clean my room...

He didn't say that using stencils is "cheating."

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